Prevent Holiday Package Theft

December 12, 2017

It’s the Holiday Season. The season of giving and receiving from your loved ones. These days many people are ordering gifts online to quickly check gifts off their long Christmas lists. This growing trend of ordering online has also become popular for thieves. 23 Million people had packages stolen in 2016. How can you protect your personal deliveries and gifts from?

Priority One Security can help:

  1. Web Camera Security – Watch over your home and deliveries from your phone, tablet or computer. The camera will catch the thieves in action.
  2. Everyone should have a home security system and security sign. The Holidays are the time to return that sign to your yard and for safety should stay visible year round.
  3. Have your packages delivered to your office if possible where the packages are brought inside.
  4. Track your packages. You will receive a tracking number after your package is shipped. Be aware of when your items will arrive so you can make arrangements to be there or have a neighbor on alert.
  5. Require a signature on all packages. This is not the most convenient for us during the busy season but it will keep your packages safe.

Contact a Priority One Security Technician today to discuss the best options to keep your home, items, and loved ones safe during the Holidays. Call 888-407-SAFE (7233).

Test your smoke alarms monthly!

October 12, 2017

Nowadays homes are required to have smoke alarms. Every day you walk by these in your home and you tell yourself you’ve done your part to keep your home safe . . . but have you?

In the United States 1 out of every 5 home fire deaths was in a home with a smoke alarm that did not work. All of us at Priority One Security strongly advise you to take the next step and, instead of walking by the smoke alarm, stop and test it. You should do this every month! Yes, every month!

Here are some tips on smoke alarms and how to test monthly:
1. Find out what kind of smoke alarms you have. There are battery-operated, AC-powered units and Monitored Smoke Detectors. Battery Operated are inexpensive yet if you are not home you can not hear the alarm. They also require frequent inspection to determine the condition of the battery. AC-powered are installed by a professional and use a direct-wired power source. But they still need an independent battery backup. Again, if you are running errands the alarm is not protecting your home. A Monitored Smoke Detector is supervised by our UL Certified Central Station and can monitor your home 24 hrs a day.  If your alarm goes off while you are out we will be notified immediately keeping your home and pets safe. When seconds count, have a monitored fire alarm system.

2. Now you know the different types of detectors and each one must be tested monthly. Press and hold the test button on the smoke detector. It can take a few seconds to begin, but a loud, ear-piercing siren should emanate from the smoke detector while the button is pressed. If the sound is weak or nonexistent then replace the batteries. If it is still not working then you replace the unit with a functioning smoke detector or contact a professional to discuss the best detection options for your home and family.

Contact Priority One Security to talk with a highly trained technician to learn more about solutions for your home and family. Call 888-407-SAFE.

Stay Safe & Secure this Fall

October 8, 2017

October has been designated as National Security Month. You may be reviewing your computer security or cyber vulnerability but we here at Priority One want to encourage you to take this month and get educated on securing your home, your family and your peace of mind.

This Month we will be sending you safety tips, home security reminders and important steps to make sure you are protected and connected.

We want to kick off this first week of October with Shine A Light.

In the Fall the skies begin to darken early and soon the clocks will be set back making it even darker. Research shows that there is a major increase in burglaries this time of year. So we encourage you to make sure your home and surrounding area is secure. Do you have a garage, outdoor pets, bikes, outdoor furniture? This week take a moment to survey the areas outside your home that may need protection. Remember that burglars look for unprotected areas of darkness to hide in and just because you leave a light on does not mean your home is completely safe.

Not sure where to begin? Give us a call at 888-407-SAFE and one of our skilled technicians will meet with you to discuss the best solutions for your home.

Game Day In Your Home

September 3, 2015

For some, the end of August is a busy time – start of school, end of summer, last-minute vacations. For others, it brings a most anticipated time of the year: the beginning of football season. In the south, where fall is often synonymous with football, our weekend activities focus around the television if we aren’t lucky enough to be at the stadium for the game. Just because you can’t be at the game doesn’t mean that your game day experience should suffer. Here’s where Priority One can help.

Priority One Security Is A Full Service Home Theater and Automation Company

Home TheaterPriority One is more than a security company. We are specialists in many facets of residential audio/visual needs, which makes us the perfect provider to create your in-home game day experience.

Whether you’re looking for a simple surround sound system or a sophisticated home theater experience, Priority One can install your new system with components by well-known distributors like Yamaha, Bose, Sony, Epson and more.

Here are just a couple elements your experience could have:

  • Whole house distributed audio capability: Priority One can install audio throughout your home, creating a zone for each room. You can then select your source of music from an in-wall keypad, iPad or other smart device.
  • Ramp up your home theatre beyond audio: Install automated lights, curtains, motorized screens, HD projectors and more

Game Day FootballAs an added bonus, Priority One can wire your home for structured wiring to include TV, phone and data – that means less focus on all those wires and more focus on the big game!

Let Priority One help you build best game day experience for you, your family and friends. Leave the installation up to us so you can direct all your energy to your team and the season ahead.


Back To School Just Got Safer

August 28, 2015

After School SafetyIt’s back to school, which means packed lunches, first day of school jitters and carpool arrangements. If you have a long list of to do’s, let Priority One Security check your child’s after school safety off that list! The Total Connect System is a great solution in prioritizing what matter most on your back-to-school checklist.

Busy schedules can create extra stress as we wonder whether our children are safe at home. With Total Connect you can see when your kids are home, who is with them and even arm your home in case of emergency.

Here are just a few features that parents love about Total Connect:

  • Notification when your child arrives home or if your child is not home by a certain time
  • Ability to alarm and disarm your home remotely
  • Compatibility with cameras so that you can access clips of who walks through the door with your child
  • Compatibility with Z-wave doors so you can unlock and lock your doors remotely (You can also say goodbye to your hide-a-key since your child can access the house by entering a code)
  • Ability to create limited access areas – gun and liquor cabinets can remain off limits while you’re not at home, and if they are accessed you will receive a notification.

After School SafetyA Total Connect Security System creates peace of mind for you, while not compromising your child’s safety when you’re not at home. Priority One is committed to afters chool safety and providing you with the best options to keep your loved ones safe!