Summer Vacation Tips from Priority One

June 3, 2015

Family Vaation 2Summer is here, the weather is fine and your vacation is coming up. We at Priority One want to make sure and remind you of safety precautions to take while enjoying your time off.

  1. Lighten up a little. Place lighting in the home on timers to keep possible intruders away.
  2. Smoke signals. You can’t hear your smoke detectors while you are away. We advise getting monitored smoke alarms that signal you and first responders when smoke is detected.
  3. Tell your neighbor. Contact a trusted neighbor to let them know you will be out of town and to keep an eye on your home. Have them get your mail and newspapers so that you do not have a build-up in front of your home.
  4. Web precautions. People can find almost anything on the internet these days. Posting your vacation information and photos on social media can notify people that you are gone. Take caution in how you use the internet or social media while you are away.
  5. Home Security. Tell your security company that you are going out of town. Make sure to arm your system and do a final check on all your doors and windows before you leave.

Vacations are for relaxing and Priority One is here to give you peace of mind. We Keep you protected and connected. Trust in Us.